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Pest Control Gold Coast – Don’t Hire Anyone Until You Read This.

So you live in the Gold Coast area and you’re either buying a new home and need an inspection or you just need to refresh your property to rid it of it’s pests without harming your family your pets or your sinuses.

We get it.

You have a problem, you want it solved without issue, and know that you’ve made the right decision. There’re so many choices, where do you start.

First – Don’t try and do it yourself. Sure you could feel like a hero, but more often than not you’ll miss some of the core tips to prevent termites and other bugs that only come from years of experience.

Many home and business owners don’t consider pest control measures until it is too late. It is only once these people are facing rotting wood, perhaps thanks to the busy work of termites, that they think it’s time to call in the pest inspector.

The problem is, by this stage, the damage is often done. It’s not simply a case of ‘why bother with pest control’, but rather, can you afford not to bother with pest control?

Who To Choose for Pest Control Gold Coast?

There’re many providers. But to save the hassle of evaluating them, we’ve done that for you.

Amalgamated, Rentokil, Spinifex, that’s just a few.

We’ve vetted the best to solve your problem quickly and with guarantees.

6 Ways To Identify If You Need Pest Control

  1. There are dead bugs inside your house. If there are many, often collecting in the same spot, this could be a sign there is a pest infestation somewhere.
  2. You find droppings throughout your indoor space. This is often a strong sign there are pests residing in your home. Take a photo of the droppings to show to the pest inspector so they can identify any rodents.
  3. There are signs of pests nesting. Mice and rats will often create a nest, sometimes out of shredded paper, in tight spaces within the wall, floor or roof cavities.
  4. Strange sounds and smells. If you hear rustling at night within the roof, this is often a sign there is something living up there. Smells are often a giveaway too. Mice can smell musty, and rats have the scent of ammonia.
  5. Gnaw marks. Sometimes rats gnaw on things and if you find chewed up electrical wires this could be a sign you are sharing your home with a rat.
  6. Sagging floors. This can sometimes mean you have a termite problem if you have a wooden floor. Tap any wood in your home and if it is beginning to sound hollow this could mean there is a termite infestation somewhere

How To Spot A Pest Infestation In Your Home

Pests have that annoying habit of getting into the smallest gaps within our properties – even spaces as wide as just a quarter of an inch – and once they have burrowed their way into these crevices it can be increasingly difficult to remove them.

There are certain signs you can look out for to see if there are pests living in your home.

Pest Management Programs Can Be A Life Saver

One of the best ways to stop pests like termites from ever finding their way into your home or business is to have an integrated pest management program in place.

These programs can help you to prevent, monitor and control any unwanted critters that might decide to call your property home.

The benefits of having a plan in place mean you can avoid using chemicals, such as pesticides, further down the line when there is a real infestation and you need to call in a company to get rid of the problem. This helps you limit your exposure to toxins and other chemicals.

How Does Pest Control Gold Coast Work?

There are five main steps to an integrated pest management program. We have outlined these below.

1. Monitoring phase

This is when regular inspections are carried out on your home or business to check whether there is an infestation and how many pests have gotten into the building if there is. During this stage, the inspector will monitor the building for pests and correctly determine what they are so that further control measure decisions can be discussed.

2. Note taking phase

This is when records are established so it is easy to see the patterns, trends, and habits of the pests. The details noted will include the type of pests and any recommendations for treatments and how these treatments should be undertaken.

3. Pest control phase

This is when action is taken and the pest population is tackled with measures to help get rid of the problem.

4. Prevention phase

This is a vital phase of the integrated pest management program. Steps for preventing further pest outbreaks will be carried out so the problem doesn’t rear its ugly head once more.

5. Evaluation phase

In this final step, the whole procedure of pest management will be reviewed and the success of the program and the getting rid of the pests will be evaluated.

6. Pest Control Gold Coast Satisfaction Guarantee

What can we say? We want a good result for you, and if you don’t get, our experts will come back.

Why Bother With Pest Control? Because You Should!

If you catch a pest infestation at its late stages, perhaps because you’ve been ignoring an underlying problem, it could cause you a huge headache. You should always bother with pest control, and be vigilant about what is happening in your home so you can avoid unnecessary damage.

If you give us a call now, and if you are living in the Gold Coast area, we will come to your home or business and safely get rid of any pests without creating a smell. Our Pest Control Gold Coast service is family friendly and completely safe. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, you won’t be charged. Call us now for more information and a free quote.

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